This is My Name forever, and this is My Memorial unto all generations.

Shemoth 3:15

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Restorations International Ministries, Inc. is the fulfillment of a vision that was born in Evangelist Elsie’s heart as a young, caring, loving, gracious, compassionate, spirit – filled woman!

In October of 2007, Evangelist Elsie Augustin was led by the Almighty God (YHWH) to Gonaives Haiti, a city that, some two hundred years ago, was dedicated to Satan and most of the population is bound since in worshiping the devil!

Evangelist Elsie Augustin saw the distressed life of the people and how most of the world stood idly by. A determination was born in her heart to willingly step forward and embraced the Calling/Mission that had been placed in her life by the Almighty YHWH!

Evangelist Elsie Augustin has but one desire, to find a way to tell the hopeless, depressed and oppressed that they are not alone! Regardless of their history, color, and background God has not forgotten His promises unto them!

Elsie Augustin

Elsie Augustin

Founder & CEO

Elsie Augustin is the second of six children; she was born in Gonaives, Haiti and migrated to America over twenty years ago.

She gave her life to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (YESHUA HAMASHIACH), at the age of 12 and despite all of her afflictions continues to serve her God (YHWH) even today.

Growing up, Elsie was a very sick child.  At the age of 5, she was diagnosed with typhoid malaria, and she was hospitalized for over three months.  At age 10, she was diagnosed and miraculously healed from leprosy.  At the age of 13, her life became impaired by adversities, sexual molestation, abandonment, confusion, abuse, and betrayal.  She began experiencing strong feelings of rejection and shame.

Elsie has also survived eight terrible car accidents, two major abdominal surgeries, and both she and her car were struck by lightning. Through each tragedy God (YHWH) spared her life again and again.

Elsie has earned her ministerial Degree from Lighthouse Christian College of Beebe, Arkansas.  She has also been ordained as a minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God (YHWH) under two ministries: Consuming Fire Ministries and Seminary Covenant Community.

She also functions as an international Biblical teacher, preacher, evangelist, apostle, prophetess, deliverance minister, inspirational exhorter, motivational speaker, and business consultant.

She is currently traveling back and forth to the highways and byways ministering to the hopeless, the depressed and the oppressed.  She is also raising a company of men and women internationally to duplicate God’s Kingdom (God’s movement, God’s way of doing things) on planet Earth.

Elsie accepts her calling not as a celebrity but as a minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, a child of God (YHWH), and an ambassador of Jesus Christ (YESHUA HAMASHIACH).

She is being used by God in a mighty way, professing a prophetic life-changing message of hope, love, repentance, healing, deliverance, forgiveness, restoration, and delivering spiritual truths that transform lives.  She continues to boldly preach the message of the Kingdom of God (YHWH).  (Matthew 24:14)

Elsie is well gifted in dreams and visions, and she is also highly devoted to the things of God (YHWH).  With passion and conviction she declares her favorite saying as being:

“Jesus, the lover of my soul” and her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”


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