This is My Name forever, and this is My Memorial unto all generations.

Shemoth 3:15

Elsie Augustin prime concern is to bring sound biblical truth to the body of Christ around the world. She has been travelling extensively and teaching Churches, Organizations, Associations, ministries, and communities on various aspects of the life in Christ as well as the Hebraic Roots of Christian Faith. Annually, Elsie, leads several biblical leadership conferences in Haiti as well as USA. She has established and developed several seminary training courses in Haiti to help the body of Christ better understand YHWH and the Scriptures in Eastern viewpoint rather than Western viewpoint.

Elsie’s expertise are:

Preaching & Teaching – This is a unique opportunity for Elsie to teach and encourage the body of Christ to align themselves with Scriptures line upon line, precepts upon precepts, here a little, there a little (Isaiah 28:10) and she is unfolding ways that help the body of Christ to engage in the same application.
Elsie’s passion is to see the Church (Young and Old) to excel greatly in every area of their life so that YHWH’s NAME will be glorified.

Missions – progressively, Elsie continues in reaching many cities, villages, and towns in Haiti through projects which target the needs of the hopeless, depressed, and oppressed.

Leadership Training – Elsie is consistently hosting leadership seminars to help leaders in the Churches to develop qualities of good leadership that are essential for success, especially in a climate like Haiti. She provides numerous avenues for enhancing and sharpening leaders’ leadership skills and teaches them how to improve team – leader performance among the believers and she also empowers them to practice the skills they need in order to be effective in their communities through their callings.

Deliverance Ministry – Elsie Augustin, along with her ministry team, teaches and trains churches, ministries, and home groups how to practice biblically sound deliverance ministry. She is dedicated in teaching individuals, ministers how to be free in Jesus’s name from mental and emotional afflictions and help those who are oppressed of the devil.

Prophetic Ministry – Elsie firmly acknowledges the prophetic ministry as one of the means God uses to communicate to the Church, and that it is the most urgent need of the modern church, therefore, she is being used mightily as the voice through which God is communicating to His people in this era, and also as an encourager to other ministers into initiating the prophetic ministry back among the body of Christ by speaking words of encouragement, edification, comfort, and strength. She is also fully committed into teaching, and training individuals on how to hear God’s voice and how to enter in His presence.

Women Ministry – After many years of profound biblical studies both in Christianity and Hebraic Roots of Faith of Christianity, Elsie recognizes the great significance, strategic role, and contributions of women in the Churches and society, Therefore, Elsie has been engaged in raising up a company of women to carry forth God’s plan and teaching them the power and capacity they have to transform the world and make an impact on their communities.

Apostolic Ministry – For many decades, Elsie has been engaged in apostolic ministries. She established several ministries and projects that help the body of Christ excels in ministry. She initiated and developed in various locations Christ – Centered, Faith – Based Christian schools, children ministries, youth ministries, women ministries, Churches, orphanages, food pantries, biblical seminaries and she is deeply engaged in strengthen relationships among leaders.

Business Workshops – Elsie, along with a group of professional, and effective business consultants, is currently hosting frequent business workshops, seminars, and meetings designed to help on how to start a new business, and how to take former ones to the next level. These events are sponsored and presented by different organizations, churches, and secular businesses.

Children & Youth Ministry –Elsie is very passionate about raising a generation who will be bold as lion (Proverbs 28:1) in the kingdom of YHWH, therefore, she commits herself to impart in them what her Savior and Lord Jesus – Christ has imparted in her over the years. Elsie is profoundly involved in children and youth ministries and dedicated herself to empower them through bible – based programs, camps, conferences, bible studies, biblical training, mission projects, biblical resources and much more. She is overseeing them into becoming disciples for Christ and future leaders who will carry on the work of ministry.

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